Root Canal Dentists Grandville

Root canals are often needed when deep tooth decay reaches the nerve of the tooth.

If left untreated, this decay can result in an abscess (a swollen, pus-filled sac) at the root of your tooth.

Not only does this create excruciating pain in your tooth, but it can also push the tooth upwards so it becomes loose. The most effective way to repair teeth with deep cavities is with root canal therapy.

Our Grandville dentists have the necessary experience to save your smile and prevent tooth loss. Our family dentists will first drill a hole through the top of your tooth so she can access the inside of the tooth. The infected tooth pulp will then be removed and flushed out.

To fill the hole left by the root canal procedure, our dentist will fill it with a special material called gutta-percha and cap the tooth with a filling. Often a root canal crown is needed to restore the strength and structure of the tooth.

Sarah Palmer DDS and Amy Harmon DDS are able to save infected teeth through root canal treatments. If you have a severe toothache and suspect you need root canal therapy, call our Grandville dentist office at (616) 534-0080.