ZOOM! Teeth Whitening Dentist Grandville

Did you know you can achieve a noticeably whiter smile in less than an hour? If you have unsuccessfully tried to whiten your smile with over-the-counter products, you may want to consider the benefits of professional teeth whitening.

Like the name suggests, Zoom! teeth whitening is a fast solution to discolored teeth or tooth stains. For more information, we recommend reaching out to a Grandville dentist near you.

In this blog post, we will explain what you can expect during professional Zoom! teeth whitening so you can make an informed decision for your smile. It has always been our goal to help patients feel confident with whiter smiles.

Consultation with Dentist

If you have ever felt self-conscious about tooth discoloration, you owe it to yourself to speak with a cosmetic dentist. Your dentist will be able to tell you if you are a candidate for Zoom! teeth whitening. While most people qualify for Zoom! whitening, your dentist may be concerned if you have a history of tooth sensitivity or gum disease. For example, patients with periodontal disease may want to reconsider professional teeth whitening techniques that could irritate their gums.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening Procedure

First, the dentist or dental hygienists will cover your lips and gums to protect them from the whitening gel. Once your mouth is ready, the Zoom! whitening gel will be applied to your teeth and activated with a UV light. The whitening gel contains hydrogen peroxide, which oxidizes under the UV light and lifts tooth stains.

The Zoom! teeth whitening procedure takes about 45 minutes, but is broken up in 15-minute sessions. After each session, more whitening gel will be added to your teeth before the UV light is turned back on. During the sessions, you may feel free to relax or listen to music to pass the time. After you have completed the third session, a special fluoride gel is applied to your teeth to reduce sensitivity.

During the teeth whitening procedure, you may experience what we call “zingers”. Zingers are brief flashes of pain that happen when the nerves in your teeth react to the whitening process. This pain can continue even after you leave the office, which is why we always give our patients ibuprofen to take afterwards.

If you experience pain during the dental treatment, please do not hesitate to alert the dentist or dentist assistant. You have the power to stop the procedure at any time if you feel the pain is too much. Different people have different pain tolerances, which is why we typically don’t recommend Zoom! teeth whitening for patients with sensitive teeth.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening Aftercare

After your appointment, you will be given a kit that contains custom teeth whitening trays. The teeth whitening trays are for you to use at home so you can maintain your beautifully white smile. Your dentist will also ask you to stay away from foods and beverages that can stain your teeth, such as coffee and red wine. For the rest of the day, you may experience brief flashes of pain that can be managed with ibuprofen.

Our teeth whitening dentists are dedicated to helping patients just like you maintain beautiful healthy smiles. If you are interested in setting up an appointment for our Zoom! teeth whitening services, call our dentists in Grandville dentist office at (616) 534-0080.